Cotton Canvas Waterproofing

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Nikwax Cotton Proof Solution

We love Nikwax Cotton Proof for all our re-proofing of our cotton canvas tents and accessories. Unlike Fabsil and other chemicals on the market. Nikwax is a natural waterproofing solution which does not harm the environment. It is also less harsher on the fabric. 

Simply mix with water in a garden pressure spray bottle to apply to canvas. 

  • Nikwax Cotton Proof
Nikwax Cotton Proof is a safe, easy to use wash-in waterproofing for cotton, poly cotton and canvas. The Cotton Proof adds water repellancy while maintaining the breathability of the item by leaving a flexible water repellent treatment on individual fibres. The Nikwax Cotton Proof is used in the washing machine allowing the treatment to penetrate through the fabric forming a DWR which develops on air drying so there is no need for tumble drying. Available in either  300ml - 1L bottle sizes.

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