About Us

Bell Tent Village Luxurious Camping For Life

Bell Tent Village is an UK based company whose mission is to provide unique luxury outdoor living for outdoor enthusiasts, glampers and campers all over the world.

Bell Tent Village was born when my kids randomly yelled at me one day "daddy can we go camping..... pleaseeeee?" 

I looked at them and replied "camping" in a shocked, somewhat dismayed voice.. Let me give you guys something to visualise, I am 6,2" without shoes!  AND of a stocky build. The thought of me trying to cram myself into a sleeping bag in a tent potentially knee height was not something that I thought i'd be bothering doing after the age of 20!

I immediately started searching for a more attractive way of sleeping outdoors without having to fork out for an expensive visit to my local holiday park. This is when I found Glamping. A luxury type of camping which benefited from me tucking into a full size king size bed each night! "Great"..

Having searched the market thick and thin. It came apparent that the market was flooded with substandard Bell Tents. The reviews were plagued with complaints of leaks, loose stitching and other poor quality related issues.


Fast forward 3 years, we now work closely with a factory who use our designs to create Bell Tents that we are proud to put our name on!


Our Bell Tents are huge, really huge with the most popular size the 5x5 metre XL Bell Tent which is as big as an average semi detached downstairs living room. 

Picture this: a proper king size bed, duvets, pillows, sofa, heating, electric and lights, all surrounded by breath-taking countryside. Decorated to your liking, experience outdoor living in one of our Luxury Canvas Bell Tents.

Our new UK designed and protected 5m XL Bell Tent


Our team are here to provide the support that you need. We are proud to have assisted thousands of people from all over the world, whether it be national parks, Glamping companies, or just general campers and outdoor enthusiasts. Seeing pictures from our happy customers is what makes us continue with our mission to keep producing amazing Bell Tents and outdoor living spaces.