How it started

Bell Tent Village was born when Levi's kids wanted him to take them camping?" Levi hated the idea of camping! So quickly set about looking for different alternatives.  

First, let me give you guys something to visualise, he is 6,2" without shoes! AND of a stocky build. The thought of him trying to cram into a sleeping bag in a tent potentially knee height was not something that he thought he'd be doing again in his 20s! So, he frantically started searching for a more attractive way of sleeping outdoors. This is when he found out about Glamping. 

Glamping is a luxury type of camping with many added benefits. Such benefits include being close to nature without compromising on home comforts and luxuries. A real bed and cosy bedding are common in a typical Glamping tent!    

Levi who has an extensive past in ecommerce new that it was time to act. Fast forward 3 years, BTV is most recognised for our unique looking tents and impressive quality assurance throughout. 
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Your partners in outdoor living

Our team are here to provide the support that you need. 

We are proud to have assisted thousands of people from all over the world, whether it be national parks, glamping companies, or just general campers and outdoor enthusiasts. Seeing pictures from our happy customers is what makes us continue with our mission to keep producing amazing bell tents and outdoor living spaces.

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Our values

Provide structures that effortlessly intergrate with the outdoors

Provide long-lasting, eco-friendly canvas structures

Encourage and educate people about the benefits of outdoor living

We're determined to rid the world of cheap, plastic throw away tents. Our structures are built to last.

Our passion is to bring people together to share in love, laughter and happiness while creating lifelong memories.

All of our structures are rigorously tested to ensure maximum strength and durabilty.

The raw materials used in our products undergo professional testing in accredited testing labs such as SGS.

The best choice for you!

See more details about testing, chemical and certficates here.

How we're achieving our goals

We have been creating unique outdoor living products and services that nurture happiness as a fundamental core value.
We specialise in creating unique experiences in the way of our fresh-looking canvas living spaces. Our living spaces are used in gardens, schools, youth clubs, holiday parks, campsites, yoga retreats all over the globe!
We have designed and created various types of living spaces which enable us to reconnect with nature.
Glamping site owners - we know what works
We live & breathe canvas
Wide range of product designs
Lifetime support with amazing warranties
From a family for families