What Bell Tent Should I Buy

What Bell Tent Should I buy?

All of our Bell Tents have been manufactured to the highest standards so rest assured that whichever Bell Tent you decide to buy from Bell Tent Village will be of a premium quality.  Our Bell tents perform very well in harsh conditions, whether it is freezing cold outside and covered in snow, weeks of rain, intense sun or even gale type winds, we have you covered. We are proud to say that our Bell Tents have been thoroughly tested and can handle themselves well in all types of conditions.

So what Bell Tent should I buy?

We sell several types of premium quality Bell Tents. Starting with a fabric weight of 285GSM, our premium Bell Tents come in 3m, 4m and 5m. Unlike cheap Chinese Bell Tents, we have worked hard to ensure that our Bell Tents can withstand the test of time. 

Our fabrics have been treated with a UV, Waterproof and mould resistant treatment before the tent is even manufactured to ensure that the treatment itself impregnates the fabric for more consistent protection throughout. 

Depending on the use of your Bell Tent, you may opt for a standard 285 GSM fabric generally used for casual camping, festival use. Our 285 GSM premium tent range is popular with our Glamping partners too as the 285GSM premium tents are light enough to move around easily and set up quickly whilst still being durable enough for the occasion.

If you would like a tent that can be erected for longer lengths of time, we recommend opting for our Elite models made from 350- 360GSM fire retardant canvas. The fire retardant treatment acts as a shield adding extra strength and durability to the canvas increasing its resistance to the elements.

Upgraded zippers that are hard wearing and do not break. Our zippers have also been treated to ensure that they do not leak. Leaking zippers is a popular topic amongst the Bell Tent community and can usually be found in cheaply made tents. 

We have also opted for super thick 8mm guy ropes, which do not rot or snap. Instead of plastic guy rope sliders or even metal, we have opted for rustic ash wood type guy sliders that are super thick and super strong! 


If you’re a casual camper just getting started

Purchase your first Bell Tent or replace an old Bell Tent.

Don’t worry about the size, we will recommend the right size on the next page. Find out more..



You’ve had a few Bell Tents and Glamp often

You’re a regular camper who requires more space and a slightly more robust structure.  You may also want to add a stove to your tent. See here



Looking at setting up a Glamping Business?

Are you starting a Glamping business and would like to see all tent options and styles?

View our wholesalers partner page and get in touch.



Our what Bell Tent should I buy guide should now help you with your search of buying a good quality Bell Tent that will serve you well for many years.