5K Outdoor Log Burner Wood Burning Stove Oven
5K Outdoor Log Burner Wood Burning Stove Oven
5K Outdoor Log Burner Wood Burning Stove Oven
5K Outdoor Log Burner Wood Burning Stove Oven
5K Outdoor Log Burner Wood Burning Stove Oven
5K Outdoor Log Burner Wood Burning Stove Oven
5K Outdoor Log Burner Wood Burning Stove Oven
5K Outdoor Log Burner Wood Burning Stove Oven
5K Outdoor Log Burner Wood Burning Stove Oven
5K Outdoor Log Burner Wood Burning Stove Oven
5K Outdoor Log Burner Wood Burning Stove Oven
5K Outdoor Log Burner Wood Burning Stove Oven

5K Outdoor Log Burner Wood Burning Stove Oven

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  • Standard Burn
  • Eco Burn
Our new BTV outdoor 5K Chill Outdoor Wood Burning Stove really does pack a punch. Kicking out around 3-5kw of heat once fully loaded and in full swing, this stove will provide all the heat that you'll need.

 What's included?

  • Flue pipes
  • Spark arrestor
  • Water tank
  • Fire poker
  •  Ashtray
  • Side grills
Additional extras such as; Heatproof Mat, Magentic Thermostat and Double Wall Heat Reducer, can all be added as you wish. 

Your flue pipe height excluding the stove is, 200cm and is 250cm with the stove connected. Built with solid legs to add extra stability on unstable ground, the 5k chill outdoor wood burning stove small, and the compact stove is perfect for all outdoor heating needs.

  • Designed with a built-in airflow gauge allows for efficient usage allowing the fuel to last longer. 
  • A smart built-in front air dial for easy to use temperature control will allow you to adjust the temperature of the stove as desired.
  • We have also added a small hot plate for heating your outdoor kettle. 

Operating Instructions 

Due to the oven feature, this stove may let out excessive smoke on initial start up. The door of this stove should remain slightly open for around 5 - 10 minutes whilst the oven builds up heat. 

If you plan to use this stove inside your tent, the doors and windows of your tent should be open for the inital startup. Users should exit the tent until the smoke has settled. For best use. Use low smoke (smokeless high heat fuels) Opt for modern natural burning materials such as recycled fire lighters. Do not use BBQ coal, spirits or damp wood! 

  • Complete with a 60mm Stainless Steel Flue Pipe
  • 5 Sections 50cm per section
  • 2 sections 25cm
  • 1 x 50cm spark arrestor pipe 3 x 50cm normal pipe 2 x 25cm connection pipe Internal oven size 
  • 1 Oven tray included 26.5 x 23.5 (cm) 
  •  Water Can = 2.2L Important 

Please see our product safety disclaimer here
Operating instructions can also be found here.  

Please note, for wholesale or bulk orders over 3pcs of any large item, please email us as we may be able to discount your shipping. 

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Safe Operating Disclaimer

Applies to all heating equipment in the way of wood burners, stoves sold inside our store:
● Never leave the stove burning whilst unattended.
● Do not use indoors. 
 ● Operate in a safe outdoor space. 
 ● Only use in well-ventilated areas due to the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. 
● Never use it without a carbon monoxide alarm within a 2-metre radius of the stove.. 
● (Glamping and camping users operating inside a tent, hut, cabin or other outdoor structure may do so at their own risk) Please seek professional advice. 
● Risk of fire from flying sparks and hot ash..
● Do not use the stove whilst sleeping.
● Never leave children alone with a stove in operation.
● A heatproof mat should always be placed under the stove to prevent hot embers from burning the ground underneath the stove.
● Stoves should always be used on an earth plate to reduce heat transfer. You can use a thick slab, slate, block to stop the transfer of heat. Please note that a heat mat alone may not prevent heat transfer from the stove to the floor below. (Risk of melting and fire).
● Always use heat proof gloves when operating your stove.
● Install a safety cage to prevent burns.
● All parts of the stove can become very hot and should not be touched when operating.
● Keep away from children!
● Should you decide to use this stove in a Bell Tent, do so at your own risk. We recommend that the fabric is fire retardant. Hot embers or sparks may land on your tent causing fires.

Items left too close to a stove can catch fire very quickly. Did you know that it takes just a few minutes for a tent, hut, cabin to burn down regardless of whether it is fire retardant or not. For these reasons and due to the unpredictability of mother nature, wind and fire. Lux & Lav LTD trading as Bell Tent Village hold no liability whatsoever for accidents, damages caused by persons using this product. We do not recommend the use inside closed environments such as tents, huts, cabins, camper vans. This stove is intended for hobbyists and is to be used for recreational outdoor use in well ventilated areas. Users should seek professional advice, training and appropriate planning when using inside closed spaces.

Need more safety advice? help@belltentvillage.co.uk

Important Tips:
● Familiarise yourself with the open position of the damper gauge positioned inside the flue pipe. Some of the flue pipes may seem tighter than others. Be sure to swap between the flue sections if they feel too tight to be connected together. The fitting is naturally quite tight to prevent leakage of fumes.
● Be sure that the flue pipes are being installed the correct way around.. Use washing up liquid on the joint connections if they are too tight..
● Please note that the flue pipes may have sharp edges, safety gloves should be worn at all times when handling the pipes. Care should be taken when storing and installing the pipes to prevent damages. 

 Starting your stove:
● Do not use spirits.
● Do not over fill with fuel Avoid burning paper.
● Take it easy, and practice with small amounts.
● Do not overheat your stove.
● Running your stove all out will reduce life and performance.
● Invest in a magnetic thermometer to understand the optimal running temperature of your stove.

Running your stove:
● Cooking - 180 - 250 degrees.
● Fast Heating - 300- 400 degrees.
● Steady Heat - 100- 250 degrees (Recommended).

This stove can reach very high temperatures in excess of 500-600 degrees. We do not recommend operating at such high temperatures. Operating at above 400 degrees for long periods of time will reduce the life of your stove.

Signs of overheating:
● Flashing kits, groundsheets and flooring under stoves may become very hot and melt.
● Flue pipes glowing red: your stove is too hot! If you stove is overheating you should cool down your stove immediately by starving it of oxygen, closing air inlet points!

1. Fill the middle section of your stove with a handful of our recycled fire lighters.
2. Add stove burning wood and build around and on top of the fire lighters in a cone shape leaving the side facing the door clear.
3. It is important not to add too much wood/fuel all at once.
4. Check that the air damper positioned on the flue pipe exit is in the open position.
5. Ensure that the front air gauge is open too. 
We have gone paperless!

Below is the link to our instruction manuals:

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Well made and very effective

I used the stove for the first time this weekend in freezing -6 degree temperatures. It was very much appreciated. The overall size of the stove is compact and transportable (although heavy). It is easy to set up and is very efficient in use. The stove can burn both coal and wood but I just tried wood (oak whisky barrel staves) and at the end of the burn was left with very fine ash (no big chunks). It was almost too efficient as a fully stocked firebox at as low an air gap as I dared burned for about 2 hours. I think coal would work better for longer burn times. I wanted a low burn for as long as possible to keep the tent at a bearable temperature whilst wrapped in my sleeping bag. I ended up getting up at 3 am to relight the fire as sleep was elusive even with a 4 season bag (it was -6). If I opened up the vent up the heat in the tent was unbearable and you could just about see the wood disintegrate before your eyes. As I said very efficient. The stove is very well designed and made but could do with a few refinements. A clip of some sort to hold the feet closed would make pack up easier. I envision cleaning the channel from the firebox to the flue could prove problematic so an access plate could prove useful. The bag on offer (optional) is too small and because the flue pipes are thin and long they don't fit inside the oven. I am worried about damaging the flue in transportation. A bag designed to carry the stove, flue and accessories would be well received. I have a custom bag (being made elsewhere) coming. A pair of leather protective gloves would be a useful addition to the package as well. I had the forethought to bring a set but I dare say not everyone would. When you first start the stove it takes some time before the flue starts to draw efficiently so you need the doors wide open when you start it from cold. When it is going it draws the smoke away very efficiently. The very first time you light the stove you get a smell from the paint as it heats up (to be expected) this calms down after a while and expect it won't be noticeable after a few trips away. The other thing to be cognizant of is that although the stove is on feet and raised it will burn the grass underneath. I had a heat/fireproof mat under the stove but still ended up scorching the grass. I think a garden slab maybe sort for future trips. I didn't try the oven as the camp was catered (scout camp) so can't comment on the food prep side. Think it will work great but take some careful guesswork to get the temperatures right (will depend on fuel and combustion rate). The supplied water tank is a great addition. It boils water quickly and in the future intend on bringing a hot water bottle to fill from the tank. It has a ring pull on the top to aid in removal once the water is boiling. It's a little bit fiddly but this is more down to lack of experience than bad design. The space under the tap is a little tight for most mugs so you need to take this under consideration and either raise the stove up using a slab or get a stubbier mug. Overall really happy with the stove. Was certainly a focus on envy on the weekend. I look forward to more comfortable camps in the future.

Leone J.
United States United States

i missed out but can't wait for mine!

i missed out on it because it's in such demand-not hard to see why-but i can't wait to have one ... people working with me are outstanding! they are knowledgeable, considerate and honest. helpful and then some!