Bell Tent Protector Skin Covers
Bell Tent Protector Skin Covers
Bell Tent Protector Skin Covers
Bell Tent Protector Skin Covers
Bell Tent Protector Skin Covers
Bell Tent Protector Skin Covers

Bell Tent Protector Skin Covers

  • 4m + 12 Heavy Duty Pegs & Peg Bag
  • 5m + 12 Heavy Duty Pegs & Peg Bag
  • 6m + 12 Heavy Duty Pegs & Peg Bag
  • Traditional Tent (60cm Wall)
  • XL Bell Tent (110cm Wall)
Introducing BTV's exceptional Bell Tent Protector Skins, designed to safeguard your canvas tent from the elements. Enhance the longevity of your Bell Tent by adding a protective skin that truly delivers.

Constructed from durable and waterproof 210D/70GSM thick Polyester Fabric, our skins offer reliable protection against various weather conditions.

Whether you plan to set up your tent for extended periods or in woodlands with limited sunlight, our lightweight and efficient skins are a must-have accessory.

Key Benefits:
  • Extra layer of UV protection to preserve the appearance of your tent and prevent fading
  • Shields the roof from unsightly stains caused by bird droppings
  • Protects the roof from potential damage by trees or branches
  • Enhances the tent's waterproofing capabilities, ensuring you stay dry during rainy conditions
  • Remarkably lightweight, weighing less than 5KG, for easy transportation and setup
  • Includes 12 heavy-duty pegs and a peg bag

Invest in BTV's Bell Tent Protector Skin and provide your tent with the utmost care and longevity it deserves.

*Please note this item is NOT fire retardant and is NOT compatible with our BTV-5 model
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Frequently asked questions

  1. 1.Are the Bell Tent Protector Skins waterproof?

    Yes, the BTV Protector skins are waterproof.
  2. 2.What colours do they come in?

    We offer 3 colour ways. Beige, brown and khaki. 
  3. 3.How heavy is the skin?

    It's really lightweight. It weighs less than 5kg. 
  4. 4.Do I need new pegs?

    You can secure the skin with your existing pegs. 
Our protector skins ensure your bell tent stays newer for longer.


Safety Switch
A protector skin helps protect your bell tent from harsh elements.
Compact Handle
Extra waterproofing
For those wet beautiful seasons.
Quality Stainless
Super lightweight
Weighing under 5kg. It's easy to inlcude in packing.
Quality Stainless
Designed and manufactured to last.