Bell Tent For Sale

Bell Tent For Sale

We have a variety of Bell Tent for sale at Bell Tent Village. Whether you are looking for a small festival tent, large family tent or just a Bell Tent for camping, we have many types of Bell Tent for sale.

We also have wholesale Bell Tent for sale in which we also supply many Glampsites and national parks with our luxury premium Bell Tents.

Our tents are designed in the UK and manufactured overseas which enables us to offer amazing savings. We have tight quality control policies in place. Our Bell Tent for sale are built to British and EU standards.

We go one step further offering exceptional quality throughout. Every Bell Tent for sale on our website will include, super thick guy ropes, wooden sliders instead of plastic ones, super thick guy rope pegs which do not bend or break.

Check out the sizes of the Bell Tent For Sale

Our tents start from 3 x 3 metres and go right up to 8 x 8 metres.


All of our Bell Tent for sale bigger than 5x5 metres will be a part of our new XL range. Our new XL range was designed in 2018 and released in 2019 and is exclusive to Bell Tent Village. 

Our XL range has added benefits, like thick Fire retardant fabric as standard with a total 350- 360 gross GSM weight. We have also added a pre-cut stove hole as standard, which also includes a fold over cover for when the stove is not being used.

The XL Bell Tents feature several door options.  1 door, 2 doors, 3 doors or 4 doors.

Why have we added so many door options to our tents I hear you ask?  Well we have added a unique feature to all our XL Bell Tent for sale.

The XL Bell Tents can be connected together using our new XL tunnels to create inter connecting Bell Tents.

What this now means is that for the first time ever. You can connect as many XL Bell Tents to suit your party size.

You could have 2 bedrooms separated by a living room space in the middle, or 3 bedrooms connected to a living.

You can interconnect any XL Bell Tent for sale in the XL range.

For example, a 7m 4 door XL Bell Tent could be used as a Living room with connecting tunnels to each door exit. Each tunnel could then be connected to a 5m XL bedroom.  There are no limitations to how far you go with our new Bell Tent Village Connect. You could create an entire connecting Bell Tent village of 100 + tents if one wished.

You will find the 6x6 XL Bell Tent for sale on our store;

We have many accessories to compliment our Bell Tent for sale on our website. Check out our full range or contact us for more info and help with your set up.