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Outdoor Wood Burning Stove

Our new Outdoor Wood Burning Stove really does pack a punch. Kicking out around 5kw of heat once fully loaded and in full swing, this stove will provide all the heat that you'll need.

Designed to be small and weighing under 15kg makes this stove perfect for a permanent fixing or mobile use. With a body width of just 15cm and a total height of just 50cm, this stove is perfect for Bell Tents, garages, workshops, tents and much more. The stove will heat a 6x6 ventilated room within 20mins and a 5m Bell Tent within 10.  

Built with a solid metal earth plate to add extra stability on unstable ground, this small and compact stove is perfect for all outdoor heating needs. 

Designed with a built in damper to the rear of the stove helps regulate the air flow much better than other models on the market allowing the fuel to last longer. A smart built in front air dial for easy to use temperature control will allow you to adjust the temperature as you desire.

Load fuel from the top and close. Light a fuel lighter in the pull out ash tray and your away. 

We have also added a small hot plate for heating your kettle.

Operating temperature up to 600 degrees. 

Complete with a 60mm Stainless Steel Flue Pipe.  5 Sections 40cm per section. 

Built in spark arrestor 



(Please note that the body of this stove can get very hot) A cage should be put around this stove at all times.

The stove should never be used in a closed environment. Sufficient ventilation is required at all times.  

Never operate without a working smoke alarm or carbon monoxide detector. 

Never leave the stove burning un-attended

We hold no liability for harm caused whilst using this stove. It is made for outdoor recreational purposes only. 

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