What To Bring On Your Bell Tents On Your First Glamping Trip

What To Bring On Your Bell Tents On Your First Glamping Trip

It is your first night out in a long time and you and your friends have decided to try on a different kind of camping, most commonly known today by Millenials as glamping. You are excited but you do not know what to bring on your bell tents. Do not fret if this is your first time, this is an exciting chance for you to learn something new.

Bell Tents Glamping Essentials

For starters, know the size of your tent. Bell tents come in different shapes and sizes, depending on how many it needs to accommodate. Knowing this can help you pack properly because you have the option to pack only the basics or you add in an extra vanity.

Kitchen Essentials

Most bell tents come with a stove hole so it is important to bring your own cooking stove so that you can cook your own meals. If you plan to cook, do not forget to bring pans, cups, cutlery, and plates for your meals. Waking up inside a tent surrounded by nature is an absolute delight, so don't forget to bring your coffee pots so that you get to enjoy the beauty of nature fully awake. In addition to all this, do not forget to bring cleaning materials like a dustpan and brush (you can buy small versions of these in grocery stores), hand towels, dishwashing liquid, and cloth so that you will not leave any trash or mess behind your bell tents.


Sleeping Essentials

Glamping will not be complete without the proper sleeping essentials. When packing, do not forget to bring a roll mat, sleeping bags, an airbed with pump, pillows, and blankets. To be safe, make sure that you also bring a CO2 and fire alarm monitor. It's always better to be safe than sorry. Comfortable sleeping wear is also important so pack your favorite pajamas, socks, shirts, rain jackets, and sweatshirts (depending on the weather) on your travel bag. If there is a stream or lake near the camping ground, bring swimming costumes.

Bathroom Essentials

The following items should always be in your travel kits wherever you go. Toilet roll, wash bags, mirror, hand sanitizers or alcohol, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, comb, sun cream, body soap, shampoo, and lotion. These are not just bell tents essentials but rather travel essentials.

Other things that you need to bring

Aside from the basic essentials do not forget to bring your gadgets. If the tent has no socket, bring solar-powered chargers. Also, bring a flashlight, extra memory card, anti-mosquito repellent, hats, allergies medication, fishing gears, and swimming gears. Lastly, the most important thing to bring is a first aid kit.

Glamping in bell tents is a fun and one of a kind experience where you are in touch with nature and out in the open ground. This activity is a great break from your normal routine of work. Being out in the open doors has a way of inspiring us to do our best in life. Remember that the best things in life are the memories created and shared with those you love. So have a great time camping!