Used Bell Tents for Sale: How to Choose One in Good Condition

Used Bell Tents for Sale: How to Choose One in Good Condition

When you're thinking about buying a bell tent, sometimes the price tag of brand-new ones can make you think twice.

The good news is that used bell tents for sale are available in good conditions and are worth considering. However, how do you choose the best one?

Used Bell Tent For Sale: Where To Start The Hunt?

First, you will need to identify the bell tent that you want.

  • Are you replacing your old bell tent with the same make or model?
  • Recommendations from friends, forums or online reviews.
  • You have seen one in the local outdoor gear stores that you want.

Whichever tent you want, make sure that you've done some research and ensure it is the right one for your needs. Searching for a particular tent can narrow down your option and make the search easy.

After choosing the specific bell tent you want, you can now find someone selling that tent.

You can try Gumtree, classified ads, eBay, and reliable online sites offering camping tools like Bell Tent Village.

The bell tent may not be advertised, so be prepared to look at these places for new listings continuously. You must narrow down your search to a location where you can see the tent in person and allow personal inspection.


What To Look For In A Used Bell Tent For Sale?

If you've found the specific bell tent that you want, here is a checklist of what you'll need to inspect:

  1. External Condition

Obviously, this is the first thing you will need to see. You want the tent to be set up so you can see if it is indeed functional.

Look closely.

  • Are there any tears or rips? Are the seams still intact?
  • Is the flooring still intact, securely attached to the rest of the tent without tears?
  • Are the zippers open and close easily?

Tears and rips in any part of the used bell tent for sale might seem minor; however, they worsen under poor conditions or pressure.

Seams and some parts can be repaired depending on the tent. However, you need to avoid tents with seams that are fraying.

  1. Smell

Smelly tents can be fixed or not so easily treated. Go inside and take a big sniff.

Mildew and mold are a common problem if tents are not completely dry when stored.

On tents where mildew is not that extensive, a simple wash with non-detergent soap and water should be enough. If mildew and mold is too much, then it means that the owner does not properly maintain the tent.

If the tent smells, ask yourself:

  • Is it something you can fix?
  • How worse is the mold and mildew?

Other than mildew, there are other smells that you need to look out for. Used bell tent for sale usually have the smell of vomit or urine. This is due to the polyurethane coating applied to some parts of the tent that are breaking down. It can be treatable, but it is hard work. If the owner is a smoker, chances are cigarette smell still lingers in the tent fabric. Depending on your own tolerance, you can just wash the tent to rectify the smell.

  1. Accessories

Just as you closely inspect the tent, you also need to check its accessories. While some parts can be replaced or repaired, the question is whether the parts are available or not can give you problem.

  • Are the poles bent or have some dents?
  • Is the tent bag still in good condition?
  • Are there any rips or tears on the awning or fly?

Other Questions To Ask:

  • Was it purchased by the seller himself? If so, when?
  • Did you have pets in it?
  • Are the accessories included in the price the seller is asking for?
  • Where and under what weather conditions have they used the tent?

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