Practical Guide to Building and Designing Your Own Garden Office Space

Practical Guide to Building and Designing Your Own Garden Office Space

With more individuals deciding to work from home, building a designated office space is becoming a significant factor for a lot of workers across the globe. If you don’t have any spare room or would simply wish to own an independent space for work, constructing an outbuilding in your garden is the best idea to separate your work and home life and design a customized space to meet your working needs.

Here’s what you need to consider when building and designing your personal garden office space.

Plan Carefully

Sure, you can build your office in any flat area in your garden, but you need to be careful and think hard before finalizing the position. Generally, most home space provided by expert home office suppliers is exempted from or need to comply with planning permission.

Frequently, an outbuilding of this type won’t need planning permission from your local council, as long as you will only use less than 160 square feet of floor area and don't use sleeping accommodation.

Ensure that the garden office is positioned in an area where it looks beautiful from the house. Also, avoid placing the office in a location where it gets hit directly by sunlight because it will only lead to becoming very warm in the summer which doesn’t help if you want to be productive with your job.

Build It Using the Right Materials

Be careful in deciding and buying the materials you will use to build your garden office since they affect the overall expense of the construction and it all relies on how frequent you are planning to use the space.

If you plan to use the garden office throughout the year, then you need to consider installing insulation and thicker walls, because the last thing you want is using thin walls and ending up freezing in winter!

One of the most common options for this kind of outbuilding is timber, with larch, cedar, and pine being well-known choices thanks to their natural or effortlessly-treatable resistance to weather, rot, and UV damage.

Design Ideas

The Interior of the Office

Of course, you want to design your office interior in a style that every time you walk inside the office you get a feeling of inspiration and being productive!

However, you need to remember that your garden office isn’t similar to your home because you’re most likely coming in and out, so you must ensure that the floor is tough and strong.

The Exterior of the Office

Alright, so you already have a beautiful garden office up and running. But don’t just leave your office exterior taken for granted. You need to take the time to make it as enticing as possible and to show it off. Maybe you could add some decking with tiny spotlights, or you could place some outdoor pots that contain various types of plants and flowers in them.

If you still have a large space in your garden, providing an outdoor seating area with a bell tent outside the garden office makes the space within the garden much more fascinating, mixed with French or sliding glass doors to open your workspace to the garden in warmer weather.