Outdoor Wood Burners - Which Is Best?

Outdoor Wood Burners - Which Is Best?

Camping in winter has both pros and cons. While nothing compares to the scent of wood and pine along with crisp sunlight over snow-capped mountains, or the tranquility of an alpine lake - things get chilly and freezing once the sun sets in! 

In such scenarios, it is best to be well prepared with all the necessities. And, one thing you need for sure alongside your sturdy bell tent is an outdoor wood burner to fight off the cold.

Outdoor Wood Burners

Outdoor wood burners are an integral part of outdoor activities for most people during winter or colder days. Whether you want to heat your home, bell tent, or any other building, outdoor wood burners can help you do just that.

This article will give you the necessary insights you need to know about outdoor wood burners and help you choose the right one. So, with this said, let’s jump into the three common types of outdoor wood burners you can choose from! 

Fire baskets and pits

These are by far the most traditional type of an outdoor wood burner. They are super easy to use and add more of a tribal feel to any camping setup.

Fire baskets are relatively smaller than fire pits which means they’re also cheaper! 

If you want a budget-friendly wood burner, a fire basket is a great option for you. However, this type of wood burner is not as durable as the rest. 

These types of fire burners are great for short camping trips. This means if you are planning to heat homes with regular use, you may want to opt for something more sturdy and durable.

Fire pits are one of the commonly available wood burners out there which means there are plenty to choose from. You can find granite fire pits, steel fire bowls, built-in fire pits, and many other types.


These are another type of traditional outdoor wood burner. Chimineas are available in a wide range of designs, shapes, and colors. 

Whether you want one for your backyard or for camping purposes, chimineas add a touch of style to your surroundings and give off plenty of heat too.

No doubt, a chiminea is known for its sleek design. Yet it does not fall short, even when it comes to performance. One of the best things about a chiminea is the presence of an actual chimney. 

Wood Burning Stoves

Just as the name suggests, a wood-burning stove is versatile and has a dual purpose - for cooking as well as a heat source. This makes them one of the most expensive types of outdoor wood burners compared to the rest.

However, they do come with a huge amount of benefits, including their long-life. These are great for heating your surroundings and focal point since they come with a two-sided heating system too.


Before buying an outdoor wood burner, you should carefully consider your options first. If you want something portable for camping purposes, fire baskets and chimineas are great. However, wood-burning stoves are your go-to if you want something more durable and robust to last every camping trip you go to. 


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