Bell Tent Garden Cabin: What You Need To Know!

Bell Tent Garden Cabin: What You Need To Know!

Thinking of setting up a bell tent garden cabin? You’re in the right place!

We’re going to take a look at the different uses a garden cabin can have and why you should choose a bell tent to get one set up! 

Bell tents make excellent garden cabins for many reasons, as we’ll come to explore. And, with the flexibility to transform your garden into a glamping space or party venue, you’ll come to find that it was one of the best investments you can make. 

Let’s take a look at the different types of bell tents to get started…

Types Of Bell Tent

A bell tent has an A cut structure with a pole in the centre, reinforced by guy ropes for the tent’s stability. 

Traditional bell tents

Traditional bell tents come in sizes ranging from 4m to 7m. A 7m high bell tent is ideal for larger groups. A 4m tall bell tent will be perfect for single campers, small families, or small groups of friends. A 7m high bell tent is ideal for larger groups. 

These tents have a typical A-frame structure with guy ropes all around the belt tent. They also have zipped ventilation with mesh windows helping to keep critters at bay! 

Star Bell Tents

A star bell tent is a modern version of the traditional bell tent. It comes with a broad front canopy that provides better stability. Star bell tents are designed to provide more space and high durability too. 

It uses durable webbing so that it can easily withstand bad weather. Star bell tent sizes range from 4m to 5m in height.

Yurt Tents

The yurt tents ensure to give an authentic glamping experience to the campers. These are high tents and have ample space to comfortably accommodate about 6 people with excess room for luggage and furniture. What makes a yurt tent different from the rest is their large PVC windows and its large entrance.

Bell Tents Benefits

There are so many benefits that come with choosing bell tents, we’ve included just some of them below! 

Easy assembling 

Using a bell tent offers you plenty of conveniences. Bell tents are quite easy to set up and take little time to disassemble. Because of this, they are often chosen over traditional garden cabins, which take far longer to assemble and are higher maintenance. 


Bell tents are made to be suitable in all types of weather. They are highly durable and can withstand any bad weather. 

Spacious and airy

Another reason why bell tents are an excellent alternative for garden cabins is because of the space they offer. The inside of a bell tent is spacious and gives a very cosy feel. You can easily fit in a bed and other furniture, and even decorate it to provide a homely atmosphere! 


With bell tents, there are endless possibilities for use. You can use them when you want to entertain guests, or set them up in your backyard for a little escape from the chaos. The choice is yours! 


If you consider which tent is best to build a garden cabin, a bell tent is a great option. Not only will you benefit from all of the advantages listed above, but they are also available in a range of sizes!

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