Garden Cabin Advantages

Garden Cabin Advantages

To have a garden cabin in your backyard has so many advantages. You can use that space to entertain guests or to have a mini backyard cabin party. It can also be a perfect space for you to escape from your chaos, relax, and enjoy a little glamping in your backyard.

But what if I say that you can have all these benefits without having to invest yourself in building a permanent garden cabin. And you can do this using a bell tent to set up a cozy cabin that gives a comfortable feel.


Bell tents are quickly increasing its popularity amongst the people because of the quality experience it offers. You can take bell tents with you in any of your glamping trips. They offer ease of use and lets you enjoy nature up close at the comfort of a home.


Thus, using a bell tent is fun and also more convenient than building a permanent garden cabin.

Another reason why bell tents make an excellent garden cabin is that it gives a pleasant, airy space. Moreover, it gives you the flexibility to easily transform your garden cabin from a spacious summer house into a snug winter room.


Types Of Bell Tent

A bell tent has an A cut structure with a pole in the center, reinforced by guy ropes for the tent’s stability. And you will find that there are three types of bell tent:

  • Traditional bell tents

Traditional bell tents come in sizes ranging from 4m to 7m. A 4m tall bell tent will be perfect for single campers, small families, or small groups of friends. And a 7m high bell tent is ideal for huge groups.

It has its typical A-frame structure with guy ropes all around the belt tent. It also has zipped ventilation with mesh windows so that the insects stay out.

  • Star Bell Tents

A star bell tent is a modern version of the traditional bell tent. It comes with a broad front canopy providing better stability. The star bell tents are designed to give more space and high durability. It uses durable webbing so that it can easily withstand bad weather. These star belt tents’ sizes range from 4m to 5m in height.

  • Yurt Tents

The yurt tents ensure to give an authentic glamping experience to the campers. It is a 5m high tent with ample space to comfortably accommodate about 6 people and still have space to fit in your luggage and furniture. What makes yurt tent different from the rest is their large PVC windows and its large entrance.


Bell Tents’ Benefits

Using a bell tent has plenty of advantages, and mentioned below are some of the best it offers.

  • Easy To Use

Using a bell tent offers you the utmost convenience. The bell tents are quite easy to set up and take little time to disassemble. So much more convenient than to build a permanent garden cabin.

  • Durable

Bell tents are made for all weather. They are highly durable and can withstand any bad weather. Whether it be windy summers or the cold winters, it will stand undisturbed and give you the best and secure outdoor experience.

  • Spacious And Airy

Another reason why bell tents are an excellent alternative for garden cabins is because of the space it offers. The inside of a bell tent is spacious and gives a very cozy feel. You can easily fit in bed and other furniture, and decorate it to provide a home feel to it.

  • Versatile

With bell tents, there are endless possibilities on how to use them. You can use them when you want to entertain guests, or set them up in your backyard for a little escape from the chaos. Or when you want to dive deep into nature to clear your mind and enjoy the scenic landscape, bell tents come to the rescue. They can perfectly fit in in all seasons and occasions.



Whether you’re glamping in the wild or your backyard, with bell tents, you will get to experience nature on a whole different level. With all the incredible benefits it has to offer, bell tents are definitely worth the attention.