3 things you should know when buying Bell Tents for your new Glamping business

3 things you should know when buying Bell Tents for your new Glamping business

When buying Bell Tents for your new Glamping business, there are several factors that you should consider. 

Ideal Bell Tent Size,

The Bell Tent Quality 

Price of Bell Tents

Size of Bell Tents - 

You should look closely at your chosen business model when choosing your Bell Tents for your new glamping business. For example if you plan to provide pop up bell tent accommodation set up in different locations. It would be wise to source lighter Bell Tents.   You may want to consider opting for 4m & 5m Bell Tents opposed to 6m Bell Tents if possible. 

A 4m Bell tent can hold up to 6-8 people in sleeping bags.  If you are setting up a Bell Tent wedding venue a 4m Bell Tent will house a family of 4 easily. A set up of this type would consist of 1 x double air bed and 2 x single air beds. There will still be a little room for luggage etc.  

Installing a canopy outside of the Bell Tent will allow for more room outside for deck chairs etc.

5m Bell Tent is the most common size amongst most Glamping companies. 5m Bell Tents offer a happy medium between a 6m Bell Tent and the 4m Bell Tent when weight and size is concerned.. 

5m Bell Tents sleep up to 10 people in sleeping bags. However when setting up for Glamping Wedding Village. You can fit 3 x double air beds or 2 double air beds with lots of space. Many of our customers set up 1 x air bed with 2 x single airbeds with plenty of room for furniture. 

The 4m Bell Tent typically weighs 28KG -30KG with all accessories in one bag. For canvas only the weight is around 20KG.  

An 5m Bell Tent typically weighs 33KG -36KG with all accessories in one bag. For canvas only the weight is around 25KG.

6m Bell Tents typically weigh 45KG.  Canvas only 35KG. The 6m Bell Tents are very impressive once set up and kitted out giving occupants plenty of room for living.  You could fit 15 guests in sleeping bags or 4 double air beds with furniture. 

The 6m Bell Tent can be used for Glamping companies on the move, however most only use this sort of tent for premium bookings. 


Summary -

If you are Glamping business, opt for 4m & 5m Bell Tents having the 6m Bell Tent as a premium room option. 

For Glamping companies which are in a set location with decked or hardstanding bases. I would recommend opting for 5m and our new 5m-XL / 5mXL models. 



Prices of Bell Tents vary depending on several factors.  1. The quality of the tents.  

If you opt to go for a Fire Retardant tent which usually holds a heavier weight of canvas thus adding extra strength will retail for a lot more than a standard none flame retardant tent.The market standard fabric weight for Bell Tents are from 250GSM - 300GSM. 

Buying Tents from china can be a cheap way of sourcing your new stock at a cheaper price however this method can also be very costly too. When buying bulk tents from China, you will find a reduced rate on your tents, however there have been many cases poor quality tents being sent to customers over seas, with the Chinese factory offering little or no after sales support. 

We recommend when buying Bell Tents for your new Glamping business to build relationships and partnerships in your home location where parcel. 

Working with reputable suppliers like ourselves will offer more benefits at a price which isn't too far off buying stock from China. You will receive better services, guaranteed stock reassurance and exceptional quality due to the fact that our stock is quality controlled to the highest standards.

When choosing a Bell Tent for your Glamping business, you should be sure to refer to your business model to ensure your chosen tents matches your strategy type.

For example - If you plan to offer out a standard tent for accommodation to sleep 2 people. Would you buy the 4m Bell Tents at £440 or a 5m Bell Tent at £550. 

I calculate my answer based on several factors. Will the tent be used at the same time as a premium room.  If yes, to save on cash you might want to consider buying 4m bell tents along side 5m bell tents saving you approximately £100 per tent. 

However if you plan to offer out standard rooms separate to premium rooms. It would make sense to purchase 5m Bell Tents which would allow you to use the Bell Tent as a standard or premium set up. 


Bell Tent quality 

The quality of your new bell tent will determine how many seasons you get out of your tent.  We have some partners who choose to send their old tents into us and swap out with new stock yearly to ensure that their room offerings are consistently at a high standard. This isn't too bad, as it would be similar to top luxury hotel who paint their rooms yearly. 

When buying a Bell Tent for your glamping business, it is important that the parts and accessories which come with your Bell Tent are to the highest standards. Some Bell Tents from China do not come with quality accessories. For example the pegs must be of a good standard. Our tents come with solid 9"/12" ribbed steel pegs which hold the guy ropes in place in the most harshes of conditions. Bell Tents from china often come with thin weak pegs produced cheaply enabling the Chinese suppliers to produce the tents at a cheaper cost. 

Thin guy ropes attached with plastic sliders are also a tell tale sign that quality has been sacrificed in the production of the tent.

A quality built Bell Tent is crafted with care and attention to detail. From the stitching on the seams to the zippers. SBS and YKK zippers are the most commonly used zippers found on premium Bell Tents due to the durability of the zipper. These zippers can withstand a lot of tension and regular usage. They do not tend to break like a regular zipper would.

 Canvas is another biggie, this should not be overlooked. Polyester is the cheapest and most used fabric used in tents. Polyester does have it's positives, i.e light weight making it a number one choice for manufacturers. 

Polycotton tents have recently been designed to create a happy medium. Although heavier than a 100% polyester, poly cotton tents are still typically lighter than 100% cotton canvas tents due to the use of the polyester weaved and intertwined with the cotton. Polycotton tents work, however still do not boast the properties that 100% cotton canvas offers.

With an 100% cotton canvas tent, you know exactly what you are getting. No surprises, manufacturing irregularities or defects to be expected here. Canvas tents have been around for 1000s of years and are still the Range Rover of the camping world in all aspects. 

Our tents are produced using only the finest ethically produced cotton canvas.