Bell Tents for Glamping & Garden Rooms

Glamping is a new outdoor camping experience but with the benefits of essential amenities and the comfort of staying indoors. With lots of beautiful inspiration from Tumbler, Instagram, and Pinterest, it has recently gained popularity among the masses.

Glamping is a fun way to set up a garden room not only because you can enjoy the natural scenery outdoors, and it is more convenient than setting up a permanent cabin. 

Because of the airy and coziness of a bell tent, it is perfect to create a garden room for an array of aesthetic nursery for indoor plants.

If you prefer creating a living space, the options are even more appealing. You can transform it from a cozy winter room with thick carpets and warm lights to an airy summer house with coastal or boho decorations and fairy-lights. 

Types of Bell Tents for a Garden Room

A bell tent is recognizable by the single pole in the center and an A-cut structure, supported by guy ropes for stability. Usually, there are three types of bell tents, depending on the shape and size. 

These are: 

Traditional bell tents: These tents are about 4m to 7m high with an A-shaped frame and reflective guy ropes for support.

Star bell tents: They are improvised traditional bell tents with a broad canopy and are especially suitable for glamping. These tents vary from 4m to 5m in height, and they usually come with an integrated canopy for a homely feel.

Yurt tents: These are much bigger tents that are at least 5m high and can accommodate about 6 to 8 people. Most yurt tents will have PVC windows and large entrance to fit in furniture, and luggage. 

Benefits of Bell Tents 

Easy to set up and dismantle 

Whether it is for an occasion, or as a temporary spare room or a getaway from the monotonous indoor life, glamping in a bell tent is much more comfortable. It only takes about 15 minutes to set up and lesser to dismantle. 

Light and airy

Glamping also gives you the benefit of a light and airy room that is also cozy and affordable. It is spacious enough to set up a bed, furniture and even a food station! 

Strong and stable

Whether it is for the cold winters or the windy summers, sleeping under canvas is a beautiful experience. Since most bell tents are made of heavy-duty and sturdy canvas, you can rest assured that it is stable for all weather.


Bell tents are versatile enough to accommodate all types of living space. In case you want to set up a garden room in your backyard where you can entertain guests or relax, the possibilities are endless with a little creativity.

So whether you need an escape from the chaotic life to the scenic landscapes or you love the idea of a cozy garden room right where you live, bell tents are perfect for all occasions and seasons. Just set it up, decorate it, and enjoy the benefits of the fresh outdoors without compromising luxury and comfort.

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