5 Reasons To Own A Bell Tent - Why People In The UK Are Investing

5 Reasons To Own A Bell Tent - Why People In The UK Are Investing

Bell tents and glamping have soared in popularity over recent years. Since the pandemic struck in 2019, more and more people have been looking to enjoy staycations in the UK.

Therefore, it makes sense to invest in the right equipment to enjoy cheap, fun holidays without the need to travel abroad. So, with this said, here are 5 reasons to own a bell tent and why people are choosing to invest in them. 

1. Bell tents are easy to assemble

We all know the pain of reading through your tent manual and trying to piece the puzzle of poles together desperately while trying to save your pride before your watching family.

With a bell tent, this issue doesn't exist. Thankfully, they are very easy to put up which will save you a lot of time that you can use to do other activities such as enjoying the trip itself! 

2. Bell tents come in different sizes 

The beauty of a bell tent is that they come in many sizes, meaning you can choose the right one depending on how many people you plan to go glamping with.

You will never feel cramped inside a bell tent and you also have enough room to do just about anything - from yoga to cooking a lovely meal, there are no limitations on what you're able to do.

A bell tent UK can come in the following sizes: XL, 3M, 4M, 5M, 6M, and 7M. 

 3. A canvas bell tent is waterproof and breathable

Bell tents are both waterproof and breathable. They're constructed of high-quality fabric that allow the air to flow both in and out freely.

For glampers, this means that you can keep cool in the summer but also warm during wintertime. As far as tents go, they offer excellent versatility. 

 4. Bell tents are built to last

Sometimes we get what we pay for and when we buy cheap plastic tents we get a temporary shelter that lasts us only a few months! 

Bell tents are designed to last a lifetime. Therefore, many people are choosing to buy them because they serve as a good investment especially if you love to go camping outdoors.

5. Bell tents look gorgeous! 

Many people are choosing to invest in bell tents and glamping to stand out from the crowd. These tents look gorgeous and offer far more space than a conventional tent.  

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