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The BTV5 XL Skyview from Bell Tent Village is the perfect way to enjoy a glamping experience with family and friends. With plenty of space and all the features you need, this tent has everything you need for a comfortable stay. The clear sky view roof offers plenty of light and the high sides provide privacy, while the roll-up sidewalls allow for extra air flow. The 2 large doors make it easy to get in and out, and the tent is extremely robust to withstand bad weather. So whether you're pitching it in your garden or taking it on the road, the 5 XL Skyview is ready for anything!
Used BTV 5 - 5m Bundle (Bell Tent, Inner Umbrella, Coir Matting, Inner Compartment & Entrance Mat)
Used BTV 5 - 5m Bundle (Bell Tent, Inner Umbrella, Coir Matting, Inner Compartment & Entrance Mat)
Used BTV 5 - 5m Bundle (Bell Tent, Inner Umbrella, Coir Matting, Inner Compartment & Entrance Mat)
Used BTV 5 - 5m Bundle (Bell Tent, Inner Umbrella, Coir Matting, Inner Compartment & Entrance Mat)

Used BTV 5 - 5m Bundle (Bell Tent, Inner Umbrella, Coir Matting, Inner Compartment & Entrance Mat)

$1,439.74 $970.63
  • XL / Water Resistant
  • Yes
Used BTV 5 - 5m Bundle

***Available for delivery 2 weeks from 26/09/2023 (to allow for washing and reproofing)***

This Bundle Includes:
  • 1 x XL Skyview Bell Tent
  • 1 x Inner Umbrella
  • 1 x Full Moon Coir Matting
  • 1 x Inner Compartment
  • 1 x Entrance Mat


This tent can be used in multiple ways:
  • Umbrella Fully Close (for normal bell tent usage)
  • Unzip One Third Of Canopy (to let in light in the day and to stargaze at night)
  • Half Umbrella (half living space, half bedroom)
  • Umbrella Fully Down (full roof view)

Larger than life, the BTV 5 XL Skyview edition boasts features that are fit for a king! Innovation at its finest, this design offers more space and can accommodate 4-8 people. Now you can enjoy an ultimate glamping experience with family and friends – without forgoing comfort! Pitch it in your garden for an event or take it on the road for an adventure. With the 5 XL Skyview, the sky is literally the limit! Are you ready to go big (or go home)? 

BTV Features:
  • Crystal clear sky view roof with a privacy umbrella
  • High Bell Tent compliant sides 
  • Blissfully light poly-cotton canvas with UV protection 
  • Repels mould, mildew, and water
  • Easy to use electrical cable inlet 
  • Handy internal pockets for small gadgets 
  • Roll-up sidewalls for extra air flow
  • 2 large 2m high x 2m wide walk-in doors 
  • Extremely robust to withstand bad weather

BTV Approved Product - This tent has our full endorsement and is used in our other business activties such as events and Glamping sites.

  • (New improvement) Inner tent ready) 
  • (New improvement) Multi -Zipping Roof Umbrella (3 ways)
  • 280 - 285 GSM Lite Poly-Cotton Canvas 
  • Huge 5x5 Metres Floor Space
  • Includes Privacy Umbrella 
  • (New improvement) MASSIVE 2m High Walk-In Doors x 2 - "Increases airflow making the tent feel cooler"
  • Higher Side Walls 110cm - 120cm. Adds Even More Living Room Space 
  • Waterproof, UV & Mould Resistant For Up To 2-3 Years (Dependant On Usage)
  • Chunky Wooden Guy Rope Sliders 
  • Thick 7MM Anti-Rot Guy Ropes 
  • Rip-Stop PVC 540GSM Zipped In Ground Sheet 
  • Complete  With Heavy Duty Pegs, Poles, Zips & Ropes 
  • Durable Mosquito Mesh On All Windows & Doors 
  • Inner Attachments Ready 
  • Includes Carry Sack 
  • 24-Month Warranty 

Fabric Thickness Fabric Type Stove Hole + Fire Retardent Structure Features
BTV - 1 280 - 285GSM 100% Cotton No Durable
BTV - 2 280 - 285GSM 60/40 Poly Cotton No Durable + Lighter 
BTV - 3 350 - 360 GSM 100% Cotton Yes Durable
BTV - 4 350 - 360 GSM 100% Cotton Yes Durable + Higher Side Wall + Door
BTV  - 5 300 - 320 GSM 60/40 Poly Cotton No Higher Side Wall + Clear Roof + Door

Tent - Poly-Cotton Canvas 280-285 GSM Lite With PVC Roof
Mosquito Mesh - 
Tent Pole - Golden Galvenized
A-Frame - Golden Galvenized
Guy Line - Nylon
Guy Line Tensioners - Wodden
Ground Pegs - Golden Galvenized

Total Height - 300cm
Door Height -200cm
Wall Height - 120cm
Box 1 - 115x38x38cm (39kg)
Box 2 - 105x22x22cm (15kg)

We have gone paperless!

Frequently asked questions

  1. 1.What about privacy?

    The BTV 5 XL (Skyview Edition) offers privacy with a built-in privacy umbrella. Easily clip the privacy umbrella in place when required.
  2. 2.Are the tents waterproof?

    Yes, the BTV 5 XL (Skyview edition) is waterproof, UV and Mould resistant.
  3. 3.What does the tent come with?

    The tent comes in a handy carry bag including all the ropes, pegs, and poles needed for setup.  The BTV 5 XL(Skyview Edition) also comes with a built in privacy umbrella.
  4. 4.Is the ground sheet built in?

    Yes, the ground sheet is built into BTV 5 XL (Skyview Edition). Each tent comes with a Rip-Stop PVC 540GSM Zipped In Ground Sheet
  5. 5.How much does the tent weigh?

    The BTV 5 XL (Skyview Edition) weighs approximatel 45kg.
  6. 6.What colour does the tent come in?

    The BTV 5 XL (Skyview Edition) comes in a beige sandstone colour. 
  7. 7.Does this tent have a stove hole?

    No, this tent does not have a stole hole, please note that this tent is also not fire retardant.
  8. 8.Can I roll up the sides of this tent?

    Of course, our tents are built to enable the sides to roll up by simply unzipping the groundsheet.
Best uses for the BTV 5 XL (Skyview Edition)

Get the best out of your bell tent

Safety Switch
Glamping parks
This tent is best used in a park that has a permanent type set-up. 
Compact Handle
Backyard fun
Large & tall enough to create a luxurious, happy setting.
Quality Stainless
Elevate your festival experience with this bell tent. 
Quality Stainless
Everyday glampers
If you prioritse star-gazing, endless views & comfort, this tent is the ideal choice.

Key features

Just walk on in

The high doors and clear roof allow for unspoiled views of the outdoors when inside. No more ducking and diving and certainly no sore backs. The BTV-5 XL allows easy access thanks to a cleverly designed 2m high door. Moving items in and out of the tent is now easier than ever. 

Luxurious & Spacious Feel

Nobody wants to feel cramped! That's why our NEW BTV-5 XL Bell Tent has an impressive 1.2m high sidewall. With increased head height, the BTV- 5 XL almost doubles available space inside compared to a standard Bell Tent. Enjoy full height sofas and a headboard from here on!

Privacy is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

The BTV 5 - XL (Skyview Edition) makes star-gazing easier & more comfortable than ever before. Ready to turn in and need that extra bit of privacy? No problem - just clip the privacy umbrella in place & enjoy the private & comfortable space of the BTV 5 XL.