Where Can I Buy a Face Mask Now?

Where Can I Buy a Face Mask Now?

Staying at home and executing social distancing is the best way to mitigate the spread of coronavirus, but if you need to go out, it’s advisable to use a mask to cover your face. With this instruction, every person rushes to search where to purchase face masks.

Carriers who are asymptomatic can unknowingly pass on the virus in areas such as pharmacies and groceries, so if you haven't obtained a face mask yet, here are some online stores where you can purchase one.

Bell Tent Village

They have surgical style face masks to prevent spreading and breathing in of unfiltered air. Once the health crisis becomes better and restrictions are lifted, everything will slowly go back to normal and you can go camping whenever you want. But you still need to stay safe while going outdoors so these face masks are perfect to bring when going on a camp.


This giant online retail has a limited option of available face masks, which includes bandanna face cover that comes in different patterns from cosmos to tie-dye.


The producer of kawaii potato lights, dumpling pillows, and cute cases for Airpods are producing plenty of adorable face masks. They have a pocket to insert a filter, adjustable straps, and the cutest prints.


The formed face masks created by Naturepedic have large coverage, which easily covers the nose’s bridge until below the chin for adult users. They don’t have highly flexible straps but you can cinch them for a secure fit, making sure that the face mask stays snug. Since Naturepedic uses all organic materials, users don’t need to worry about having chemical irritations.


Tilit produces stylish, high-quality workwear for hospitality servers, cooks, and chefs. Now, you can purchase cloth face masks that give back an eye toward going green. All masks are processed using organic-cotton blend and recycled hemp, with latex-free stretchy ear straps. And for each purchase of a mask, Tilit donates one to a medical professional in need and food-service worker volunteering. 

LA Apparel

The cloth face masks manufactured by Los Angeles Apparel have added long tie straps so that you can hang them around on both ears or with one band over the top of the head, and the other around the neck. The masks are produced from 100% cotton save for a tiny metal band placed where the mask crosses your nose’s bridge which perfectly fits your face, getting additional protection.


If you want a mask that focuses on its function rather than its form, look to Vida. Its fabric face masks are manufactured of two cotton layers and have flexible ear loops, a metal nosepiece, and a carbon filter. Vida also donates ten percent of its profits to the Food Bank NYC and SF-Marin Food Bank to help relief efforts for this health crisis. You can purchase a four-pack, a two-pack, or just a single mask.

Alice and Olivia

Alice and Olivia StaceFace Protective Face Masks are not only affordable, reusable, and washable face masks, because they are also processed from a “jersey” fabric (4% elastane and 96% viscose) so they are flexible and soft.


Stay safe and keep protected while supporting independent artisans in Etsy. Sellers are getting more innovative and creating masks ranging from kente fabric to floral patterns and minimalist linen designs.


Manufactured in partnership with the City of Los Angeles, the face masks are soft and comfy enough for prolonged wear and you can also wash and reuse them many times.